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Landscape design

Professional Landscape Design 

And Landscape Maintenance 

Life With A Place Where You Can Be On Vacations Every Day, Right In Your Backyard  

Long Island landscaping season may be short, but at C&A Landscape Design, we work with homeowners and contractors to create an amazing landscape design for beautiful outdoor living spaces. So, you can make every day of a short summer a special day to be outside, enjoying and relaxing in the greatest place in the world, HOME.

Professional landscape design transforms outdoor spaces into oases of calm, order and beauty, whether it is a small or large space.

With C&A Landscaping Company, you can expect the highest quality services, whether you are looking for general maintenance , a new landscape design, or a new installation of an amazing outdoor living space.

Landscape Design 

Landscape Maintenance

The first step into the new and beautiful landscape oasis right in your own backyard is the LANDSCAPE DESIGN.

We will meet with you at no cost in your home or business site to discuss different landscaping ideas. There is a wide variety of plants to choose from, depending on the area you have selected for your new dreamed landscape: sun-loving plants, shade tolerant plants, flowering plants and trees, ground covers, evergreens, privacy trees and more...

Whether if you are looking to add or replace a few plants or create an entirely new landscape area, we will work together to accomplish your dreamed outdoor living space.

Landscape Installation 

With a detailed landscape design in place, it is time to start the new LANDSCAPE INSTALLATION, creating that distinctive, elegant and beautiful landscape space.

Before we start with the installation of your new landscape design, we will insure that all of the plant material selected is from a specialized plant grower and that the plants are healthy and vibrant, rich in color and texture.

At C&A Landscaping Company, we use qualified equipment to perform our landscaping services. We will take good care of your property during any landscape installation service so you can be happy with the completion of your landscape project from start to finish.



Landscape Maintenance 



This is the next step to consider after a new landscape installation has been done or to keep an existing one looking great. We know that not everyone has the extra time to maintain flowerbeds in good shape all year long, but C&A Landscaping Company is here to help you maintain your gardens in optimal conditions: Healthy, in shape, and beautiful.

Our flowerbed maintenance service includes, but is not limited to, weed control, soil cultivation, edge definition, raking, shrub trimming and pruning, adding organic compost to improve soil nutrition and soil structure.

Call us today for a free onsite estimate for a professional landscape maintenance.

Organic compost installation for healthier plants 

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