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Spring CleanUp Services 

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Lawn De-Thatching 

With the winter season getting to its end, it's time to get your property ready for the new growing season. Our spring cleanup service includes de-thatching all lawn areas to remove buildup thatch on your law, thick thatch blocks water and fertilizer, it also makes the lawn vulnerable to heat, drought and stress.Exes of thatch makes your lawn a perfect home for disease and insect pests.

Lawn De-Thatching
Fall CleanUp Smithtown

Yard CleanUp 

After removing the buildup thatch from your lawn, we will proceed to cleanup all debris collected over the winter, leaves, branches form all lawn areas and flowerbeds, we will redefine lawn edging by performing line trimming and mechanical edging along sidewalks and driveways.

Ones your property is nice and clean ready for the summer months ahead, we recommend scheduling your flowerbeds mulch installation, to prevent unwanted weeds around your landscape areas. It is also very important to schedule your spring lawn and garden fertilization, to provide all necessary nutrients for the start of the new growing season.

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