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Hello, Fall!

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

As the warm and sunny summer days have passed, it's time to enjoy the amazing features that fall has to offer. But, apart from the gorgeous scenes of fall, a lot of work and maintenance for the leaves is ahead. It is important to remove dead leaves form your grass because if you leave the fallen leaves on the ground over the winter, it will damage your lawn, leading to a larger expense in the future to get your lawn restored. It also attracts pests such as raccoons and mice looking for a warm place to stay to pass the cold and frigid winter days. Dead leaves can also lead to your grass to grow diseases such as molding grass and fungus. But don't worry, C & A landscaping has got you covered! By calling C & A Landscaping for your fall cleanup, you can prevent from everything that was mentioned to your lawn and maintain a healthy and good looking lawn for the holidays that soon approach.

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