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Babylon, NY

Lawn Care - Landscaping services 

AT C & A Landscaping Company in Babylon, NY, we believe that having a nicely trimmed lawn and landscape can make the difference in your property. Make the difference in your neighborhood with a unique array of plants, seasonal flowers or just a well maintained lawn.

Our lawn care company has been in business since 2000, over the years we have worked with many clients in the Babylon area creating amazing landscapes, and maintaining existing gardens and lawns providing professional yard services. From ongoing lawn mowing and landscape maintenance to bring to life any landscape design for your home or business, C & A Landscaping Company is here to help.

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What We Offer

Lawn Mowing Babylon NY

Professional Lawn Mowing Service


    Don't have enough time to do the lawn mowing weekly? LEAVE IT TO US!

At C&A Landscaping Company in Babylon, NY. We have the experience to make your lawn look presentable and perfectly manicured, by cutting it at the right height depending on grass type at your property. This procedure improves the health of your lawn, helps keep weeds down, and minimizes the chances of fungus and other diseases that can damage your property landscape and be extremely costly to fix. We use sharpened mower blades for a clean-looking cut and minimize diseases and unwanted pests. 

Our professional lawn care service include:

-Lawn Mowing

-Line Trimming

-Mechanical Edging

-Air blowing debris from walkways, driveways, patios, pool areas, and decks

If there is any special request you may have for your property's maintenance, we will be more than happy to include it in our service plan for your property.

Landscape Design

Landscape Design 

Whether you are looking to add a few plants to an existing flowerbed, or start a new landscaping project from scratch, C&A Landscaping Company in Babylon NY is here to help. The first step to a beautiful outdoor living space is a Design. 

We will visit your property to inspect the areas you have selected for the new landscaping area. It's very important to determine the best plant material for the area and check for the right soil conditions for planting. After we inspect the area, we will design a plan for your new landscape based on your landscaping ideas, or we can create a new plan and present it to you.

Once you have decided on a landscape design, we will install the plants that you desire. From trees, to flowering plants and annual flowers, we will ensure that the plants are fresh and healthy before installation. 

Landscaping Service Islip Terrace

Landscape Maintenance 

Once your new plants have been planted and your garden looks well taken cared of, you will have to maintain it to keep it looking good by providing proper watering, on time pruning, and trimming. Our flowerbed maintenance service also includes, but is not limited to, weed control, soil cultivation, edge definition, raking, Also, new plants need balanced fertilizer applications for a healthier and vigorous growth.

We recommend natural mulch or a good quality organic compost installation to flowerbeds as a natural soil conditioner.

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