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C & A Landscaping Suffolk County NY

Professional Lawn Care  
                     And  Landscaping Services   
                      Since 2000


Since 2000, C&A Landscaping Company's top priority has been to treat our clients' properties with extra care, as we would treat our own. This also includes the precautions we take during the pandemic that include social distancing, mask usage, and everything that we do to ensure our health and yours. As a family owned and operated lawn care service company, we understand the importance of having your property well - maintained and are always prepared for when you need a peaceful space to spend time in, especially during this time when our yards have become a crucial part of our daily basis. Some of the services that we provide to help you personalize your outdoor living space includes weekly lawn mowing, landscape design and installation, seasonal flower planting, and much more.  


What Do We Do...

At C & A Landscaping Company in Suffolk County our goal is to deliver professionalism, quality work and dependable yard services. We offer a wide variety of services to ensure your property will always look at its best, we can manicure your lawn, design and install beautiful plantings or create a special outdoor space for you to relax and enjoy quality time with family and friends.

Westthampton Lawn Mowing
Lawn Mowing Brightwaters
Landscaping Smithtown
Manorville Landscaping
Landscaping Islip Terrace NY

Lawn Care Services 

We know the importance of having a great looking lawn, well maintained and healthy, right in front of your home. Healthy lawns and great landscapes not only adds beauty to homes, but, it helps our ecosystem by absorbing carbon dioxide gases, helps erosion control and so much more.  

Landscape Design
Brightwaters Landscaping
Seasonal Flowers Planting
Landscape design
Landscaping Service Islip Terrace

Landscaping Services 

Whether you need to replace a dead plant or planting of new trees, transplanting of existing trees and shrubs on your property, or design and install a new landscaping around your property, we can help! At C & A Landscaping Company we can work with you to bring to life any landscape ideas you may have to make your property a place to enjoy and create beautiful memories with family and friends.  

Fall CleanUp Smithtown
Lawn De-Thatching
Lawn Aeration
Fall CleanUp Bay Shore NY

Spring/Fall CleanUp

With the winter season getting to its end, it's time to get your property ready for the new growing season. Performing a Spring cleanup service to your property will help your lawn and landscape start the new season free of collected debris over the winter months to ensure its healthiness throughout the year.  

Seasonal Services
Landscaping Service Islip Terrace
Mulch Installation
Black Mulch Installation
Natural Mulch Installation

Mulch Installation 

Our mulch installation service will help you improve the curb appeal of your property, by performing bed renovation or mulch installation you can enhance the appearance of your property and also increase the property value.

Other important benefits of mulch installation include:

  • Reduces weed pressure 

  • Requires less maintenance

  • Helps prevent the loss of water

  • Keeps soil temperatures cooler in the summer and warmer in the winte

Landcape Edging
Seasonal Flowers Planting
Seasonal Colors
Gravel Installation
Drainage Systems

Additional Services 

At C & A Landscaping Company we understand that your property also needs some other things done to maintain or improve its beautiful appearance, with that in mine we offer other services beside our regular lawn care and landscaping services to help you maintain your property at its best. 


  • Seasonal Flowers Planting

  • Shrubs Trimming And Pruning 

  • Decorative Stones And Gravel

  • Drainage Systems 

  • Power Washing 

From weekly lawn mowing to landscape design, installation and maintenance, C & A Landscaping company is proud to live and provide professional landscaping services to customers in many areas in the Suffolk County community.

Our Service Areas 








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